I am just an ordinary guy.  Nothing fancy – just a Dad, son, brother, uncle, friend – trying to figure out life.  In late winter/spring of 2009 I started running.  I was active prior to that and belonged to a gym but never ran more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time on a treadmill.   Oh, what a journey it has been.  Running and being active in general, has become such an integral part of my life.  It has become so much more than just running.  I have grown in the past six years in ways I didn’t even know were possible or could have expected.  This transformation has helped me find answers, clear my head when it’s cloudy and, in a sense, has saved me from many things, including myself.

While running there are thousands of thoughts that pass through one’s mind.  So, this blog is about those thoughts and others that may come throughout the day.  While I may write about running from time to time this is not going to be a blog about running.  It will be about the story, my story, just like you have your story.  My hope is that by sharing – my ups and downs, my victories and my defeats – you will gain perspective on your own story.  I hope I am able to grow further by sharing my “thoughts” with you and more importantly, that it invokes thought in you and that you too will find growth.  We all want and need that, right?

I’ll write about the things that are important to me – My children, my family, my friends, running and being active, living a healthy lifestyle, clean cooking and eating, and my faith.  Yeah, that’s a start.  So expect a little of all of that and when the thoughts go a little crazy there may be more…


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  1. Willeke-Maya says:

    Great blog Curt. And fair play on your running, a famous philosopher once said that walking (running) clears the mind of all cobwebs, so I can only agree with you 🙂

    Feel free to check out my MS blog on http://irelandms.com

    I also write for the Novartis’ MS blog on livinglikeyou.com so do check it out. It’s all about positive living with MS.


    • Thanks Willeke. Yes, that famous philosopher was right! It sure does:) I peaked quickly at your blog. You have a lot of good stuff there. I will definitely look at it some more. Thank you for being such a great advocate and prayers to you on your own journey!

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