The Cubs’ World Series Win Beyond the Game

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win the World Series! Unless you have been living under a rock that shouldn’t be news to you. And in case you are wondering, no, I haven’t lost my mind. Before anyone accuses me of jumping on the bandwagon, let me make one thing perfectly clear – I still bleed Cardinal Red! That has not and will not change.

This Cub team, however, is undeniably great! Are they the best of all time? I’m sure that will be debated and argued about, but the truth is we will never know. The reality is that argument doesn’t matter. They were the best this year and right now that’s all that matters.

Cubs Champs

It has truly been a pleasure watching the pure and raw emotion of some of my Cub friends this season and their resulting joy. Others, well, they will never quite get it. No matter how successful their team was this year they still couldn’t help themselves from being negative; whether it was when their team hit a rough patch or their inability to resist the temptation to needle other fans rather than enjoy in their own teams tremendous success. You know who you are… um, wait, no, you probably don’t because ignorant jack wagons are just that. The inability to change their attitudes and their resulting actions shouldn’t prevent any of us from learning the important lessons this joyful event provided.

The Cub’s victory delivered to their fans, as well as to our country, more than just a victory, more than just a world championship. This talented group of players provided us with a glimpse of what we can achieve when we come together and never quit. The team and their fans showed us what we can achieve if we fight together for one common goal. In what is a very contentious, troubling time in our country with the elections, police shootings, racial tensions and more, their victory comes at a moment when we need something positive to bring people together for a common goal. The resulting unity from their victory provides us with many lessons.


For years, Cub fans have remained true and dedicated to their band of “lovable losers.” I know, doesn’t seem to fit anymore does it? This team, just like Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo had done battling cancer not too many years ago, never quit. The Cubs fought and refused to give up even when, at moments, many of their fans may have assumed the goat was trying to get a ticket or that Bartman did and was lying in wait down the left field line. They proved that anything is achievable.


This team always believed. Without faith, we are nothing. You only need to look at World Series MVP, Ben Zobrist, to realize that. He is an example of what believing in God and having your priorities straight can do for you. He knows success is nothing if those priorities are out of whack. If your heart is in the wrong place, if your priorities are out of line, then any successes, any victories, just become hollow and void of any real meaning. We all have a God granted purpose and when we believe that and dedicate our daily actions to fulfill it anything is possible. It doesn’t matter what the naysayers believe or spew.

My friends Tom and Amanda who are huge fans!

My friends Tom and Amanda who are huge fans!


I was impressed by the Cub players and their manager. One of the first things many of them did after their victory was to congratulate the Indians and what fierce competitors they were. They knew that with one or two different moves the results could have been radically different. It takes a tremendous amount of self-knowledge and respect of your competition to acknowledge that.


The Cubs played their hearts out and their fans were feverishly supportive. Win or lose they would be champions at the end of the day. They, players and fans alike, had the courage to believe, to put it all on the line while respecting their competition. They were willing to accept the outcome win or lose. It takes tremendous courage to give your best when battling against a competitor that does the same. That type of fortitude is what makes champions.

So, why is all of this important? It’s important because it sheds light on what is possible in our society if, regardless of our beliefs, we set aside our differences and work together to solve the problems our country faces today. During the Cub’s run countless adversaries have come together and delighted in the joy of others. Barriers fell and the victory was shared and enjoyed. Can you imagine if we did that in other areas of our life as well? Can you imagine if, instead of always wanting, or needing, to win an argument we listened to one other with optimism and respect? Can you imagine, if at the end of the day, we had meaningful and open discussions about issues and problems? Can you imagine what would be possible? If that happened we would certainly see more joy and peace in our everyday lives.

My childhood friend John. One of the biggest Cub fans I know.

My childhood friend John. One of the biggest Cub fans I know.

At the end of the day we must acknowledge that this is just a game and that there are certainly far more important things in life. However, this game, this sport, which is woven into the fabric of our country, has taught us much. This year the Cubs’ World Championship leaves us with countless lessons that, if carried over into our daily lives, could help change the direction in which our nation seems to be headed. In a few short days our nation will elect a new president. Regardless of the outcome, hopefully the Cubs’ victory and the lessons from it can serve as a catalyst that brings us together to work with one another. I hope that it provides us with the beginnings of healing that we as a country so desperately need right now.

So, congratulations to the Cubs and their fans on what can only be described as a spectacular season. Spectacular because of what was accomplished on the field but even more spectacular because of what it has taught us in regards to coming together at a time when that is so badly needed. Enjoy the celebration and let that joy carry us to great things far beyond the ivy covered walls of Wrigley.

Be Great! Be Strong! Be Determined!

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  1. John says:

    Thanks Curt! Well said.


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