Courage to Change – Achieving Your Own Greatness

I do not believe there are many people that, when given the choice, would turn down the opportunity to better themselves or their situation.  If you ask most people I bet they would probably tell you that they would love to improve their lot in life.  The real turning point would be when they discovered that it would actually take work on their part to make it happen.

Let’s face it.  We all want to be better.  Look a little deeper and if we are being really truthful with ourselves we all have areas in our lives in which we could improve.  No one is perfect.  For years I wanted to be better than I was.  I wanted more.  Here is the problem – I just sat there and waited for it to happen.  I thought that if I wanted it and hoped really hard it would magically happen.  I was doing nothing to improve myself.  I failed to do anything to help myself grow and get to that next level in my life.  Guess what?  Things didn’t improve and I didn’t change!

If you want to change then you have to act.   Improvement and growth cannot happen without a conscious choice on our part.  Think about it.  Even a tiny seed, when planted, will do nothing if certain things do not occur.  In order for it to grow out of its shell it must have water and nutrients among other things.  And yet, that alone is not enough.  It must grow and push through the earth in order to break into open air and capture the sun, which is another vital ingredient in what is needed in order for the pant to reach its full potential.  It can’t, however, get everything it needs void of effort from the seed itself.

The same is true with us.  If we just sit idle and do nothing to improve ourselves then we won’t grow.  It is impossible to do so.  This is true for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.  We have to work at all of these areas in order to move forward and develop into our true selves.

The real question for many is, “Do you have the desire to do what it takes to become who you want to be?” Maybe the better question is, “Do you have the courage to act in order to continually grow into the best version of yourself?”  I know what I want to be but maybe I’m not thinking big enough.  Maybe there is a grander purpose for me that, without action, I may never discover.  How can I deny myself of that possibility?


So how do we know?  I don’t know if we ever will truly know if we have reached our full potential or even if that is possible.  I do know, however, that a surefire way of not reaching it is to remain stagnant and fail to act.  Doing so would be tragic.  In fact, it would be selfish to do so.

Is it always easy?  Absolutely not.  There are going to be times when you feel like you’ve been beaten.  You may often feel like you don’t have anything left to give and yet, upon arriving home there are what seems to be a million tasks left to accomplish and many people demanding your attention.  The question is, what will you do when that moment hits you?  Will you allow yourself to be overwhelmed and become paralyzed or will you choose to at least continue moving?  Will you find the courage to continue forward one step at a time and attempt to accomplish at least one thing no matter how insignificant it may seem?  Will you choose to live or give up?

The odds may seem overwhelming but we all have it within us to do what it takes.  The key is to find that thing that keeps you motivated.  Maybe it’s your spouse or maybe it’s your kids.  It could be your passion for the community in which you live.  It may very well be that stubborn fire in the pit of your stomach causing you to refuse to let an unkind word or act of betrayal define you.  We all have that one thing that will keep us moving – that will keep our desire burning hot.  When you open your heart and listen to the possibilities you will find it!  Trust me – You! Will! Find! It!

In order to be complete we have to make sure that we work on all aspects of our lives.  For each of us the questions are different but they are there and our willingness to answer them may be the difference between our own greatness or our tumble into mediocracy.  Are you willing to get up at four in the morning to get your workout in before work? Are you willing to paint all day until your fingers are raw? Are you willing to spend your lunch hour praying for guidance and being thankful for all your good fortune?  Will you leave the TV off tonight so you can get lost in a book and make your mind sharper? Are you willing to allow yourself time to cry and grieve the loss that you don’t quite understand?  It’s as simple as just making a choice – A choice to act.

In the end, our day is filled with choices.  We can choose to remain stagnant or choose to act.  Be true to yourself and really figure out what it is that you want.  How bad do you want it? Are you willing to go above and beyond to get there?  We may not have the energy to get after it 100 percent every day but as long as we keep moving forward – as long as we continue to act – we will make progress.  That progress will be realized in the choices we make and the steps we take.  Each and every one of those decisions to take action will propel us closer to what we were intended to be.

Be Great!  Be Strong! Be Determined!


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